Yorkshire racism row: David Lloyd apologizes for probing comments from Azeem Rafiq, Sky Sports

Following former Yorkshire cricketer Azeem Rafiq’s testimony to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee in Parliament on Tuesday about the prevailing institutional racism at the club, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged cricket authorities to take “immediate action”. called upon.

Commentator David Lloyd took to Twitter to apologize after being accused of making derogatory remarks, while broadcasters Sky Sports said they would investigate his comments. Meanwhile, England white ball specialist Alex Hales denies calling his dog Kevin, whose name had nothing to do with being infamous as a ‘racist slur’. Rafiq earlier this month accused former England captain Michael Vaughan of telling a group of Yorkshire Asian players that there are “too many of you” in 2009.

PM Kadam

After the DCMS committee meeting of over three hours, Prime Minister Johnson tweeted: “Brave testimony from Azeem Rafiq. I appreciate him speaking. “There is no excuse for racism anywhere in society and we expect @EnglandCricket and @YorkshireCCC to take immediate action in response to these allegations.”

According to The Telegraph, the UK government will “closely investigate” what action is being taken from now on in relation to this racism scandal.

Sorry Action: Lloyd

Rafiq accused the former England coach of being a “closet racist”, who would use his high position of being a well-meaning analyst to “smear” him. Lloyd’s position at Sky Sports is in danger right now.

“Akash is committed to actively engaging in cricket and all sports and to opposing discrimination of all kinds. We will be examining David Lloyd’s comments at today’s selection committee hearing,” Sky Sports said in a statement.

Lloyd wrote on his Twitter handle: “In October 2020, I exchanged a private message with a third party involved in cricket on a range of topics. In these messages, I referred to Azim Rafiq’s allegations, which I had heard from within the game. I also made some comments about the Asian cricket community. I am deeply sorry for my actions, and I sincerely apologize to Azeem and the Asian cricket community for any further offense that may have been committed. ,

Harrowing Evidence: Hells

Rafiq said that former England batsman Gary Balance would call everyone ‘Kevin’ and former England player Alex Hales bought a black Doberman dog and named it ‘Kevin’.

“I categorically and completely deny that there was any racial connotation in the naming of my dog,” Hales said in a statement on Wednesday. “I completely respect and have great sympathy for both the stand that Azeem Rafiq has taken and what he has to endure. His evidence was deplorable. There is no place for racism or discrimination of any kind in cricket and I will gladly cooperate with any investigation chosen by the sporting authorities.

balance in dock

Rafiq’s former teammate Balance stated in a statement on the county club’s website last week that he had used racial slurs – Paki – to address Rafiq, but said it was all part of a “joke between friends”. Was.

After a preliminary inquiry revealed that there was reason for Rafiq to be upset, a panel decided not to take any action as all the comments were deemed ‘friendly jokes’, leading to an uproar.

However in his testimony on Tuesday, Rafiq revealed that Balance used to go overboard with his use of racial slurs. According to The Telegraph, Rafiq also claimed that Balance would call “everybody of color” Kevin.

It was also alleged that Balance used recreational drugs, and Yorkshire helped cover up by allowing the player to skip a drug test. According to The Telegraph, Balance denied this.

Bresnan sorry says

According to the testimony of Rafiq, the former England all-rounder, “often makes racist remarks.”

Bresnan later took to Twitter to apologize for bullying Rafiq, but explicitly denied the claims of using racist comments.


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