“Yeh cheela nahi dheela”: Mira Kapoor approves of this cheela recipe

Mira Kapoor is an advocate of healthy food and her Instagram stories are proof from time to time. She is someone who appreciates desi food wholeheartedly and often promotes the same on social media. Recently Meera told about a healthy recipe shared by nutritionist Pooja Makhija. Mira shared reels of Pooja on Instagram Stories featuring a protein pancake, and wrote in a quirky way, “it is not cheelaThe “cheela” means “this is a powerful recipe”.

In Pooja’s reels, we can see that she has prepared a batter using gram flour, jowar flour, onions, coriander and chillies, mushrooms, salt and water. In the end, he made pancakes out of it. It’s gluten free, easy to carry, super delicious and tastes great. And Meera seems to agree with this healthy preparation.

This healthy cheela is rich in protein.

Here is the cheela recipe:

We told you that Mira Kapoor was a fan of homemade food. Just a few days back, she was ready to welcome winters with some brinjal ka bharta – a dish of mashed brinjals. He shared a picture of his meal on Instagram Stories. Meera’s platter featured khapli roti, brinjal stuffing and kashifal or pumpkin. She captioned the post, “On my plate today”, and added a sticker that read “Very good”. To read more about Meera’s Brinjal Bharta and Khapli Roti – a low-gluten variety of wheat – click here.

Mira Kapoor recently went to Maldives with her husband actor Shahid Kapoor. After returning to Mumbai, she admitted that she had missed home-cooked meals while on vacation. She shared a picture of some delicious dishes during her stay, and captioned the post, “I have never been so happy eating ghiya and yellow dal. And chopped onions and green chilies. Also, it would be inappropriate to post it tomorrow.” Mira used the hashtags ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘Happy Holiday’ along with the post. Find out more about Mira’s delights from Maldives here.

Isn’t it inspiring how Mira Kapoor is so deeply attached to home-cooked food?


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