‘WWE Supercard’ Season 8 is now out on Android and iOS

2K Games’ popular card battle mobile game, ‘WWE SuperCard’ is entering a new era with Season 8 starting today. The update brings with it a new Survivor game mode, three new card tiers, new roster additions, and several gameplay upgrades.

The brand new Survivor Mode pits the player against up to 10 other online players in a winner-takes-all tournament using a closed pack of cards. At the start of each match, players can strategically trade unwanted cards with their opponents, which may or may not affect the outcome of the game.

In this game, cards come in various rare levels, where a higher value means better stats. Three new card tiers will be introduced in Season 8, namely Maier, Maelstrom and Valhalla. It will be available to players as they progress.

As a roster update, WWE SuperCard is adding for the first time a new deck of cards representing wrestling legends new and old, from Rick Boos, Julius and Brutus Creed, Molly Holly, Mansoor and more.

The app also includes some gameplay upgrades to make the professional wrestling experience more impressive. The new Champion’s Boost feature is a type of buff or stat modifier that will be applied to the Superstar’s card after winning the WWE Title. The attribute will increase and adjust your stats accordingly, giving you an advantage in your next fight.

Manager cards will appear in Season 8, with their effects applied to cards activated at the start of the match. “Decks now provide for three support cards – one manager card and two single-use support cards”, reads the press release.

Additionally, players will also be rewarded based on the number of times they log into the game. Dubbed ‘The Pack Battle’, at the end of every week, WWE SuperCard will offer a free pack, where the more active players will be rewarded with better items.

Developed by Cat Daddy Games, WWE SuperCard is an online multiplayer card battle game for mobile devices. Pay-per-view events such as Money in the Bank, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, etc. require players to build their own deck of Superstars and fight other players from around the world.

WWE Supercard Season 8 is now available to download for free on Android and iOS.


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