‘Workin’ Moms’ star Katherine Reitman on self-confidence: ‘I find that empowering’

Canadian-American TV star Katherine Reitman is a big supporter of self-love and belief in oneself. She openly shared parts of her life, including postpartum depression. NS working moms The star and producer, and her husband Philip have two children together – sons Jackson Sternberg and Liam Sternberg.

In this motivational speech, Reitman stresses the fact that you have to be able to pick yourself up and convince yourself that things will be okay. She says that some time ago she felt invisible. “Let me tell you I’m not an academic — hell, I barely have a university diploma — but I’ve found myself in a very lucky seat. I’m the showrunner of my own series. For the Boss Lady.” Showrunners are the talk of the industry. And even when I tell you this, it feels weird because it wasn’t long ago – four years now – that I felt completely powerless, and unworthy. and especially I had no choice”, she says.

“Being a working mom made me feel confident writing this, because I know how hard it is, I know how humiliating it is. I also know how wonderful it is. I now have my kids, Have to leave the kids, and do something that’s just for me.”

She stresses the fact that it is important to make healthy choices. She says it is okay to say no and set boundaries. “I keep raving about the election because I find it very important to notice that there is one; I find that empowering. But before we take that step, let’s examine for a second if you’re up for election.” What happens when we say ‘no’, because we do it all the time, right? Guys, whatever voice you’ve been given – and it’s a gift – I’m here not to encourage but to demand it. I want you to at least consider it. Because why don’t you, baby? Enter the arena.”

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