Winter diet: 7 ways to include vegetables in your diet without paying attention in winter

Winter has come. It is that time of the year when we tend to take shortcuts with cooking and get lazy. We like to keep ourselves warm and stay inside the quilt. This reduces mobility, which, in turn, messes with our digestive process. Thus, it is imperative to change your dietary habits for the winter months and include more green leafy vegetables which are a great source of nutrients and can be easily digested. But eating vegetables cooked in the same way every day can be boring. So, what about trying new ways to make these vegetables desirable again?

Here are 7 ways you can increase your vegetable intake this winter without making drastic changes to your diet.

1) Make Vegetable Dal:

Pulses are a great source of protein. In some places, people add grated bottle gourd to the dal. Mostly it is done with chana dal, but you can do it with other pulses as well. Lauki Chana Dal is a typical North Indian Punjabi style curry. Or you can try making Dalma, a signature dish of Odisha. In this, many vegetables are boiled with lentils and cooked with ghee and other spices.

You can include different types of vegetables in your salad.

2) Salad:

Salads are one of the easiest ways to include fresh vegetables in your diet. Cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, chickpeas, and spinach are combined with a dressing of yogurt, honey, salt, and pepper—it’s delicious and healthy, isn’t it? Here’s how you can make Mix Vegetable Salad.

3) Dip:

If you need more than just vegetable salad, go for dips or snacks. Instead of snacking on oily chips and fingers, why not dine on healthier options. One of the great advantages of dips is that they can be prepared with almost any vegetable. Try this delicious Carrot Dip or Tomato and Celery Dip.

4) Idli:

This popular South Indian food is made with rice batter, and seasoned with delicious sambar. Idlis can be a great way to include vegetables in your diet. Finely chop some vegetables like carrots and garnish the idli with it. Or you can add a whole range of vegetables to the sambar as per your choice. Try making this high protein tadka veg idli.


Vegetables make delicious curry.

5) Gravy and Curry Recipes:

You can also return to your regular way of eating vegetables over the course of a few days. Making mixed vegetable dishes like avial is an interesting way to incorporate many greens into your diet. Another way is to make Ghanta, which is a traditional Oriya mixed vegetable.

6) Smoothies:

Smoothies made from leafy vegetables like spinach and carrots can be easily disguised with fruits like bananas, pineapple and mango to make a smoothie. Rich in vital nutrients, it will keep you hydrated as well as energized. Try making this smoothie packed with greens and protein.

7) Add vegetables to porridge, oats, khichdi, poha, upma:

We all have these delicious dishes at regular intervals. Why not tweak them and add a mix of our favorite vegetables. This will be a great energy booster for the day. Here is the recipe of Dalia Sabzi Khichdi.

Consuming your share of vegetables for the day won’t be unpleasant if you follow these 7 ways to incorporate them into your diet.


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