Who’s waiting? Delhi street food vendor roasted tomatoes in sand, video goes viral

The street food of India is dynamic and diverse. Travel around the country, and you’ll encounter all kinds of interesting and delicious street-style treats. In March this year, we came across a video of a street food vendor in Uttar Pradesh cooking ‘Bhuna Aloo’ in a large pot filled with sand. The unique method of roasting potatoes in hot sand without oil surprised internet users. And now another street food vendor in Delhi is roasting tomatoes in a similar way i.e. in a sand pot. Here’s a look at the viral video:

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The video of a Delhi street food vendor was posted on Instagram Reels by food bloggers @Chatore_Broothers. Ever since the video was posted, it has gone viral and has been played over 17.1 million times. It has also got more than 506k likes. The location of the video is being told of Chitra Vihar in East Delhi.

In the short clip, we see a Delhi street food vendor pouring tomatoes into a layer of sand in a large pot over a coal furnace. He beats the tomatoes twice until they are roasted and they turn blackish-brown in colour. Then, he removes them from the heat and mixes them in a bucket of cool water to remove the skin. These sand-roasted tomatoes are then sliced ​​and served on a plate made of leaves with chutney and spices!

Instagram users were astonished at the amazing way of roasting tomatoes in the sand shown by a street food vendor in Delhi. One user wrote, “Seen something like this for the first time” and a user wrote, “Tomato with a pinch of earth!

Would you like to try this unique and special Roasted Tomato Chaat? Tell us in the comments below.

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