WhatsApp adds 5 new features for beta testers: Here’s everything you need to know

WhatsApp is offering a lot of features that may not be immediately visible to all beta testers of Android and iOS. The platform has added new features to its app, including a new custom privacy option and the ability to pause and resume voice message recording. The popular messaging service has also changed the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature. Here’s everything you need to know.

unknown business accounts

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature called “Unknown business accounts”. As the name suggests, users will now know when an unknown business account contacts you on the messaging app. This is not a new feature and WhatsApp has changed its position to provide users with a better experience and understanding of who they are chatting with.

So, when you receive a message from an unknown business account, WhatsApp will display an alert message at the bottom of the chat, after which you can either add that business number to your contact list or block it. This feature is currently available for Android beta testers, WABetaInfo,

Pause and resume sound recording

WhatsApp has also added the ability to pause and resume voice message recording while it is being recorded on the app. This can be a useful feature as many times you are not able to record the voice message in one go. After recording a voice message, users will now see another record button, which is basically a resume button for recording a voice message. The new feature is reportedly visible to those who are using the beta version of iOS.

WhatsApp is changing the option of delete button

A recent report by WaBetaInfo has revealed that WhatsApp is planning to extend the deadline for the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature. This suggests that the company has extended the deadline for this feature indefinitely. The new change is currently not visible to everyone and was found in the v2.21.23.1 Android beta version of WhatsApp. Currently, the app provides a time limit of one hour to delete a message.

new privacy option

WhatsApp has added a new privacy option for its beta users. There’s now a new “Except my contacts” option, which lets you select contacts you don’t want to see your profile photo. With this feature, the service is giving users more control over their privacy.

A report by WaBetaInfo suggested that the same option would be offered for the “Last Seen” and “About Status” features. Currently, WhatsApp only displays two options, one of them lets you hide your information from everyone and the other lets you hide it from unsaved contacts.

whatsapp hd pictures

WhatsApp is also working on a feature called HD Photos. As the name suggests, it will let users share quality photos. This feature is currently available for Android beta testers. The messaging app is offering three different options, which include Best Quality, Data Saver Mode and an Auto Mode. This feature will probably help a lot of users as the messaging app is used by many users to exchange photos and WhatsApp compresses them heavily.

According to a report published by wabiinfo, the first “Best Quality” option will let you send very high-quality images. However, it should be noted that photos will still be compressed after using this feature, and the only difference is that the compression will be less.


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