WATCH: Blogger Cooks Maggi With Milk, Chocolate Sauce; video viral

Winters and Maggi go hand in hand for many of us. Whether it is a cold morning or a hot cup of Maggi in the evening – this very thought makes us cry. Is not it? This is the reason why we find Maggi lovers and delicious Maggi in every nook and corner of the city. And what attracts us the most is the variety of Maggi-based dishes available in those eateries. He is not everything. We also go creative in our kitchen with Maggi recipes. While some experiments turn out to be hits, some turn out to be bizarre. We recently came across one such Maggi recipe which has left us completely confused. This recipe has been shared by food blogger Anjali Dhingra on her Instagram handle ‘sooosaute’. This is Maggi made in milk and chocolate sauce. Yes, you read that right!

Anjali shared an Instagram reel in which she was preparing Maggi. She starts by boiling the milk and then adds raw Maggi to it. Then he mixed it by adding chocolate sauce. Finally, he poured some more chocolate sauce on Maggi and ate it. However, her response left the internet confused. Have a look at the full post:

The video went viral in no time, garnering 266k views, 11k likes and hundreds of comments. “Didi ye toh Maggi insults Maggi my chocolate! Doodh to thak ta ye chocolat kyu (Maggie in chocolate is an insult to Maggi. Milk was fine, but why chocolate?!),” one comment read.

Another person wrote, “This is ridiculous.” The third comment read, “Gunah hai ye… (It is a crime).”

This is not the first time that a strange recipe based on Maggi has taken the internet by storm. Earlier we have seen preparing Maggi in Fanta, Stuffed Maggi Mirchi and much more. Click here to learn more about these quirky Maggi recipes.

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