WATCH: Behind the Scenes video of Gwalior’s Til Ki Chikki makes internet go crazy

The arrival of winter brings with it a new variety of delicious dishes and vegetables which are especially enjoyed during the cold season. From hot pumpkin soup to warming up our bodies and snacking on daulat ki chaat in the cool breeze, the weather makes us crave for all these wonderful delicacies. Another such seasonal dish is Chikki. Once the cold weather sets in, you can find this traditional snack sold out at sweet shops, local grocers, milk shops, and even superstores! A North Indian classic, chikkis are made by preparing jaggery, ghee and dry fruits in a special way to give them a crunchy brittle structure. People assume this three-ingredient snack would be easy to make, but a video on the internet blew our minds! A food blogger captured Gwalior’s til ki chikki on camera and the time and effort involved in making this special chikki took us by surprise. Take a look:

In the video we can see how Gwalior’s Til ki Chikki is prepared. First, they start by melting the molasses-based mixture and reducing it to stringy consistency. Then cool it by spreading it on a slab and folding it. After that, the mixture is hung from a hook mounted on the wall to air the jaggery mixture. Once this is done, the lump is continuously folded in the sesame seeds until the seeds are fully incorporated. Finally, they hammer the jaggery-sesame mixture into thin sheets and quickly cut them into square strips. The method and time-consuming process of making this Sesame Chikki astonishes us. The video was uploaded by Instagram-based food blogger @_tastetour and has garnered over 320k likes and 5.7 million views.

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This is the reason why snacks like til ki chikki are enjoyed in winters. Til or Til is known in Ayurveda for its ability to generate heat in our body. They are also packed with antioxidants that help repair the skin. Not only this, these tiny seeds are also known to help in digestion and relieve constipation. Sesame’s dynamism makes it an excellent seed to add to your winter diet.


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