Virat Kohli’s restaurant chain One8 Commune finds itself surrounded by controversy; why over here

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli’s restaurant chain, One8 Commune, on Monday found itself embroiled in a controversy after ‘Yes, We Exist’, an LGBTQIA+ activism group said the restaurant discriminates against the community.

In a detailed post shared on Instagram, Page said the restaurant only allowed entry to “cisgender heterosexual couples or groups of cisgender women”. As per the Post, when contacted the Pune branch said, “Homosexual couples or groups of gay men are not allowed; Trans women are allowed under their clothing (sic).”

However, the restaurant has denied all the allegations. “We do not discriminate on the basis of gender,” Amit Joshi, the Pune branch of One8 Commune, told

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Describing his policy as non-discriminatory, Joshi explained, “We have restrictions on stag entry, which means individual boys are not allowed within the premises. This is only for the safety of the women present in the campus.”

“If a group of boys and girls enter together, we definitely allow it,” he told Asked about entry restrictions for gay couples and transgender men, he said, “There are no gender-based restrictions as such. They will definitely be allowed. ,

“Stags are always allowed in our restaurants and we never say no to our guests. We turn them down only when we are fully engaged or the boys are wearing shorts,” says Niharika Kurrar, Delhi Branch, One8 commune, told

Furthermore, Indrajit Ghorpade, founder of Yes, We Exist, told that the restaurant made them aware that trans women are allowed “depending on what they are wearing”. “They are allowed if they are wearing appropriate female clothes,” he remembered as he was told by the restaurant.

“We have a very simple policy which says that people who do not wear proper attire will not be entertained in restaurants. We do not allow sandals or floaters. Everyone is expected to wear either smart casuals or smart formals. We only have a ban on clothes,” Joshi said.

Kurrar agreed, saying, “It’s a fine dining restaurant. All we want is for people to dress properly so that other guests don’t have a problem. In those cases, we politely explain our policies to guests.” .

In view of the controversy, the restaurant also issued a clarification clarifying all the allegations. “At One8 Commune, we believe in welcoming all people, regardless of their gender and/or preferences, with the utmost respect and dignity. As our name suggests, we have always been inclusive in serving all communities since our inception,” it read.

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One8 Commune issued a clarification after allegations of discrimination. (Source: one8 commune/Instagram)
Virat Kohli Virat Kohli’s restaurant chain cleans up (Source: One8 Commune/Instagram)

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