US issues ‘Level One’ travel health notice for India

The US has issued a ‘Level One’ COVID-19 notice for Americans traveling to India (File)


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a ‘Level One’ COVID-19 notice for Americans traveling to India, stating that the risk of infection if someone is fully vaccinated. The risk of contracting and developing severe symptoms may be reduced.

Travel health notice has also been issued for Pakistan.

However, the US State Department issued Level Two and Three travel advisories for India and Pakistan, saying that while citizens are urged to reconsider travel to Pakistan due to terrorism and sectarian violence, those traveling to India may face crime and Due to terrorism, more caution should be taken.

The CDC said in its health travel notice ‘Level One’, “If you are fully vaccinated with an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) authorized vaccine, you are more likely to contract COVID-19 and develop severe symptoms.” Your risk of getting it may be lower.”

In its advisory to India, the State Department urged US citizens not to travel to Jammu and Kashmir within 10 kilometers of the India-Pakistan border because of terrorism and civil unrest and the potential for armed conflict.

It said, “Indian authorities report that rape is one of the fastest growing crimes in India. Violent crimes such as sexual assault have taken place at tourist destinations and other places.”

In its advice to Pakistan, the department urged US citizens not to travel to Balochistan Province and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province due to terrorism and kidnapping, including due to terrorism and kidnapping, and also in the immediate vicinity of the line. Huh. Control due to terrorism and the possibility of armed conflict.

“Terrorist groups continue to plot attacks in Pakistan. Local history of terrorism and ongoing ideological aspirations of violence by extremist elements has led to indiscriminate attacks on civilians as well as local military and police targets,” it said.

“Terrorists can attack without warning, targeting transportation hubs, markets, shopping malls, military installations, airports, universities, tourist sites, schools, hospitals, places of worship and government facilities.”

The advisory on Pakistan states that terrorists have targeted US diplomats and diplomatic facilities in the past.


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