US aviation body warns of possible interference due to 5G technology

The aviation body warned of a possible “deterioration in the capabilities of the safety systems” (Representational)


The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Tuesday that it had issued a special information bulletin warning manufacturers, operators and pilots to address potential interference with sensitive aircraft electronics due to the use of 5G telecommunications technology. Action may be required.

The FAA is in discussions with the Federal Communications Commission about its air safety concerns over plans to begin using some of the additional spectrum for 5G wireless networks starting December 5.

The FAA said Tuesday that operators “should be prepared for the possibility that interference from 5G transmitters and other technology could damage certain safety equipment, requiring them to take mitigating action that could affect flight operations.” can do.”

“There have not yet been proven reports of harmful interference caused by wireless broadband operations internationally,” the bulletin said. It also recommends pilots remind passengers that all 5G-equipped portable electronic devices should be turned off or switched to airplane mode during flight.

The FAA warned “about the potential for degradation in the capabilities of security systems and other equipment that rely on radio altimeters, particularly during low-altitude operations.”

The FAA said equipment manufacturers should continue their testing to determine the sensitivity of specific radio altimeters to 5G interference and explore design changes that could reduce the effects of interference. The aviation industry has warned against plans to use C-band spectrum for more than a year.

Network carriers are expected to start using spectrum starting December 5 in 46 markets.

FAA Deputy Administrator Bradley Mims said in a letter first reported by Reuters on Friday that the agency “shares deep concern about the potential impact on aviation safety as a result of interference with radar altimeter performance from 5G network operations in the C band.” Is.”

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said Tuesday that it is “committed to continuing to work with its federal partners to maintain air safety and advance the deployment of new technologies.”

The aerospace and airline sector met with the FCC in August, warning that without the change “major disruptions to the use of the national airspace system can be expected from the rollout of 5G” and that the FAA needs to “improve aviation operational capability”. will be forced to reduce significantly.”

Wireless trade group CTIA said on Friday that 5G networks can safely use C-band spectrum “without harmful interference to aviation equipment”, and that 40 countries have a number of active 5G networks using this spectrum band. cited.

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