Tomato Price Hike: 7 Indian Gravy Recipes That Don’t Require Tomatoes At All

After petrol and diesel, the rising prices of tomatoes are giving a tough competition to the customers. While the fruit usually costs around Rs. 20-40 per kg, until recently the cost has been very high at around Rs 100 or more. It is said that the prices of tomatoes are rising due to rains and floods in parts of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Let’s admit it – tomatoes are indeed a staple in the Indian kitchen, and its absence is sorely felt in our daily lives. The unique ‘umami’ flavor imparted by tomatoes is truly irreplaceable. But don’t worry – we’ve found some Indian gravy recipes that don’t require tomatoes at all. From curd based recipes to recipes requiring gram flour, you must explore these delicious Indian recipes till tomato prices come down again.

Here are 7 Indian gravy recipes that don’t require tomatoes to cook:

1. Curd Potatoes

Yogurt is one of the most popular tomato substitutes in Indian cooking. Its slightly sour taste compliments this curd potato perfectly. For the Dahi Aloo recipe, click here. You can make many more gravy with curd, click here to know more.

2. Punjabi Kadhi

Besan based kadhi is also another gravy that does not require tomatoes at all. In Punjabi Kadhi, fried gram flour dumplings are used as a star in the food. Click here for the recipe. The humble kadhi has traveled all over India, and there are many other regional kadhi dishes you can try. Learn more at the link here.

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Kadhi is a recipe which is mainly made from curd and gram flour.

3. Mutton Yakhni

Kashmiri cuisine is also famous for its subtle flavor and savory preparations that avoid tomatoes altogether. This scrumptious mutton yakhni includes a curd based gravy that is simmered with spices to make a delicious recipe. Get the full recipe here.

4. Gatte Vegetable

Rajasthani food uses simple ingredients which are transformed by interesting cooking techniques. For example, gatte ki sabzi is completely tomato free and can be made at home for a satiating feast. Click here for the full recipe.

5. Nawabi Paneer

While tomatoes are required in making normal paneer recipes, Nawabi Paneer is a class apart. A rich and delicious gravy is prepared in the typical Nawabi style with curd, milk, cashew nuts and a variety of spices. Check out the complete Nawabi Paneer recipe here.

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Enjoy the goodness of paneer in delicious and delicious gravy.

6. Karivari Chicken Curry

Karivari Chicken Curry is a delightful gravy that incorporates coastal flavors with a coconut base. Whole spices, lots of onion, garlic and fresh coconut are a must try recipe. Click here for the full recipe.

7. Sambari

Many dals can be prepared without using tomatoes, and sambhar is our best choice among them. South Indian dishes pair well with hot rice, and you can also use it for dipping idlis and crunchy dosas. Get the full recipe here.

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Sambar is one of the delicious dal recipes that does not require tomatoes.

Enjoy these dynamic and delicious flavors of India that can be made without tomatoes! Which would you try first? Tell us in the comments below.


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