Tomato Price Hike: 5 Ingredients You Can Use Instead of Tomatoes

As tomato prices continue to rise, the country is left with no choice but to release one of its most versatile ingredients. Growth is not slow anywhere and in fact, in many parts of the country; The prices have reached around Rs 120 per kg. While we are trying to save our money by using little or no tomatoes in our everyday cooking, we miss the pungent and tangy flavors of the red curry immensely. Plus, half the recipes that call for tomatoes don’t sound the same without them. but not anymore! We did a little digging and found some other versatile ingredients that can be used to make creamy velvety gravy and spicy savory dishes. Turns out there are many ways to turn tomatoes into everyday cooking.

Here are 5 ingredients you can use instead of tomatoes for gravy recipes:

1. Yogurt:

Yogurt based dishes stop when it comes to the tangy taste that tomato dishes provide. Also, curd makes an excellent thickener for gravy and the base becomes our rich and flavourful. From a unique dahi chicken to aam dahi aloo, there are many other recipes that you can replace with curd to mimic the taste of tomatoes.

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2. Besan:

When we talk about besan based dishes, the first dish that comes to our mind is Kadhi. Kadhi is a beloved part of many cuisines and there are more than enough recipes for you to do until the prices come down. From Rajasthani, Garhwali to Gujarati, most regional kadhi recipes do not require tomatoes and are also easy to make. Know more about these tomato-free curry recipes here.

Kadhi is a delicious gram flour based recipe

3. Greens:

We know greens aren’t a substitute for the delicious taste of tomatoes, but thankfully, these greens-based recipes can help you create some tempting dishes without the use of tomatoes. The fact that we are approaching the peak of winter season certainly helps, our pantry is full of fresh leafy greens these days and you can make a luscious gravy dish like saag wala chicken or palak paneer. One can easily choose one of them. Even if the recipe calls for tomatoes, you can simply omit them because the vibrant and fresh greens are enough to flavor the dish.

4. Mint and Coriander:

Here is a list of dishes that come under the tag of ‘greenery’, the specialty of these dishes is that they are made from green paste containing coriander, mint, ginger and garlic. Most of these recipes do not require tomatoes and amchur powder is used to preserve the taste of the said dishes. The most common dishes you can try are Hariyali Chicken Tikka and Hariyali Murg Masala.


Hariyali Marg has a refreshing and vibrant taste

5. Cream:

Have you tried those creamy and luscious malai items from restaurant menus? We definitely have and we’ve loved it every time. Thick gravy is made with a mixture of cream and milk, most of the time onions and ginger garlic are pureed but not tomatoes. And we love them just as much as any other tomato dish, right? You can try a simple methi malai or an egg malai, or even the classic malai kofta.

Enjoy these recipes that can be made without tomatoes, you can use these ingredients to experiment and make other delicious meals. Which are you trying first? Let us know in the comments below.


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