Tired of back pain? Here are some tips to give you relief

In this pandemic, many people have had to make a sudden shift from office settings to work from their bedrooms. While some were lucky enough to have ergonomic work (WFH) space from home, others tried and still continue with beds, coffee tables, couches and dining tables.

Working long hours, lack of a supportive chair, and poor posture can lead to back pain. With no breaks for stretching or physical activity, Dr Diksa Bhavsar, an Ayurvedic doctor, posted on Instagram that along with obesity, indigestion, bloating and constipation, back pain is one of the major problems faced by people working from home. Is.

She mentioned some tips that can definitely help you get some relief.

Check them out here:

* Do not put a pillow under your head while sleeping.

* Practice Makarasana, Shalabhasan, Markatasana, Bhujanangana daily.

* Do not sit in one position for more than 2 hours. Take a 5 minute break and stretch regularly.

*Abhyanga (massage of your back) with oil helps.

* Ayurvedic oils for back pain relief are:

Mahanarayan Oil
ashwagandha oil
dhanvantram oil

You can also use sesame/mustard oil from your kitchen pantry.

If your back pain is caused by nerve compression or if it is chronic, “Ayurvedic medicine can help you manage your pain effectively with these tips,” said Dr. Bhavsar.

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