The Indian cars we wish were available in an electric avatar

Some non-electric car models from various auto giants are packed with excellent features and here is a list of some that we wish were electric and more durable

With a low cost of ownership throughout its lifecycle, an electric car has become a popular alternative to fuel-powered automobiles. Indian state governments are promoting the use of such sustainable automobiles. Some offer complete exemption from the registration fee, while others offer a deduction on the loan interest amount.

Since the market for electric vehicles in India is relatively new, buyer’s expectations are quite different. When we compare the launched models of Indian cars, many are packed with the most desirable features. Let’s take a look at some such vehicles.

Top 6 Indian Cars We Wish Were Electric

Hyundai Creta


For those who love style and design, Hyundai offers a unique deal with the attractive model Creta. The big bumper and hexagonal grille turn heads. The Wireless Headphone Charger saves you on days of poor charging. It also saves you the inconvenience of hanging wires in your car.

The seats with center armrests and cup holders provide the most comfortable travel for passengers during long journeys. When the view outside the window is too irresistible to ignore, command the panoramic sunroof to open with your voice. Converting this feature-rich car to an electric vehicle will guarantee comfort and beauty in the long run.

Mahindra Tharo


While the car model may tell you otherwise, the Mahindra Thar’s on-road compatibility is almost the same as its off-road capability. Regardless of the terrain, passengers and driver will always get a comfortable ride and driving experience. The car also takes care of your entertainment and comfort during the journey.

With the roof-mounted speakers, immerse yourself in the tune of your favorite songs to create beautiful memories for life. The car comes with various options for automatic and manual transmission to change gears to make driving easier. If this beast became lightning in the future, driving in the desert and rough terrain would be more exciting than ever.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz


Known as one of the most fuel efficient cars, the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz comes with a class-leading backseat. The car provides a fatigue free driving experience to the driver even during long journeys. When the vehicle is left idling for a short period of time, the engine automatically shuts down to reduce fuel consumption. The electric model of this car will be mostly as energy efficient if it is launched.

The design of the Ciaz keeps the safety of the passengers in mind. It comes with dual front airbags which protect the passengers from rough impacts. The seats comply with the International Child Fitting System for ease of fixing child seats.

nissan magnite


Nissan Magnite is one of the best selling and popular Indian cars. With Japanese engineering and bold exteriors, the car gives a tough competition to other vehicles in its price segment.

The car comes with first-in-segment LED DRLs in the segment to provide a smooth driving experience on foggy winter days. These LEDs are low power lights that are always on when the car is running. In this particular model, the DRLs come with a unique LED fog lamp for better visibility.

Tata Tiago


With a fuel efficiency of over 20 kmpl, the Tata Tiago makes us wonder what a great electric car it will make. The steering feedback of the car is highly responsive and you can drive for hours feeling light and comfortable.

The new model of the car comes with eight speakers that provide a foot thumping music experience. If you are planning for outdoor rides, using Eco Mode will help you earn extra mileage for your trip. With the electric version of the car, we can imagine driving smoothly, while barely feeling the bumps on the road. The shockers of this car are so powerful.

Are you excited to see an EV model of one of these? Comment below with your choice(s). We would love to hear from you!

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