The art of eating a croissant: Instagram influencer’s video upsets Parisians

Different people have different culinary tastes and eating habits, which are usually specific to the country or region to which they belong. As such, when traveling, one should keep this in mind, and try to learn and adapt to the local methods.

An Instagram influencer got herself into the soup when she posted a video in which she allegedly showed the right way to eat a croissant — “like a Parisian”. In the video, a Caroline Lauffenberger – who is based in Berlin – poses with her croissant, before dipping the tip of the pastry into a cappuccino and eating it.

In the caption he wrote: “How to eat your croissant like a Parisian He also used hashtags like ‘#howtobeparisian’ and ‘#parisguru’. The video has received around 97,684 likes.

But, this shocked many of her followers, and some made fun of her, while others were naturally furious, claiming that it was not the right way to eat food and that is certainly how Parisians eat it.

This video was shared by @parisiansnobiety and the comments on it were very clear. “Please don’t do this,” wrote one person.

“Blasphemy IIIIAnother commented, while someone else added, “…just tear off a piece and then dunk it in…please…”

If you go to France and decide to eat a croissant, know that this method is sure to cause some outrage and will be resisted by the locals. So cross it.

However, some people were generous in the comments section. One person defended Laufenburger’s method, writing, “To all those people who think it’s not normal, every Frenchman does it. We take pain or chocolate or croissant and we take coffee/coffee before we eat it.” Put in hot chocolate.”

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