Tara Sutaria and her twin sister ring in their 26th birthday with these delicious cakes

Not many would know but actress Tara Sutaria has a twin sister Piya Sutaria. Both celebrated their 26th birthday on Friday and made a big dent on the occasion. Piya has shared a cute picture from her birthday party on Instagram. Both are seen cutting the delectable cake with wide smiles on their faces. In the snapshot, we can see three decadent cakes – a chocolate cake, another with cream detailing, and a gorgeous pink Barbie doll cake. Oh, is that so. Very Lovely. One of them read, “Happy Birthday Piya Aur Tara.” Sharing the picture, Piya said, ’26 Happy to my second half. Love you to Moon.”

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Tara Sutaria also reposted the adorable moment on her Instagram Stories and said, “I love you, my piya. happy Birthday to us.”

Tara and Piya Sutaria are twins

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Tara Sutaria loves to eat. From eating pizza for breakfast to baking for her family, the actress’s timeline speaks for itself. A while back, Tara revealed her love for chocolates on Instagram. The actress shared a picture of a packet of the famous Italian snack that contains bite-sized wafer cookies. He called it his “lifeline.”

Let us end it by wishing Tara Sutaria and her twin sister Piya a very happy birthday.


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