‘Sobriety is the key’: Milind Soman never dieted, didn’t follow restrictions when it comes to food

much discussion around Health And wellness, invariably, revolves around eating or restricting certain foods. However, experts say that people should instead eat nutritious food at the right time and exercise regularly.

That’s exactly what actors and fitness junkies are for Milind Soman, Whoever likes to eat, he does too.

In an Instagram post, the actor, currently in Saurashtra with wife Ankita Konwar, shared a picture of his lunch thali for the day which included dal, roti and cooked vegetables.

“Thali in Saurashtra! For me, simple, traditional Indian food is the healthiest in the world, from anywhere in the country. Again, moderation is the key!” he said.

NS doctor The actor also shared how he “never had” DietWhen it comes to food, there was never any restriction on it”.

“I cut down on refined, processed and packaged products. Natural, simple, home-cooked food makes for healthy eating, with a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Earlier too, the Pinkathon founder had stressed the need to be careful when it comes to food.

“When it comes to food, I believe ‘when’ and ‘how much’ are more important than what,” he expressed.

“We all know which food is good and bad for us. All I do is eat more of the good and minimize the bad! So many vegetables and fruits, so little.” refined sugar,” she added.

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