Shruti Haasan doesn’t want to pretend she is single now: ‘It’s disrespectful to my partner to hide it’

Shruti Haasan recently opened up about her relationship with boyfriend Santanu Hazarika. On Mandira Bedi’s show The Love Laughs Live show, she said that the two developed a strong relationship through art and other common interests.

When Mandira asks her about Shantanu and when their love story begins to blossom, Shruti reveals that Shantanu had done a piece of art for a common friend of hers, but they never really got along well with each other. Were met. “I think we crossed paths a couple of times and we totally went after each other,” the actor said.

Shruti Haasan mentioned that she and Shantanu Hazarika started chatting online and had a lot of common interests like their love for art, Swedish metal band Meshugga and graphic novels. “Basically everything that I like,” she said.

When Mandira asked if she wanted to hide her relationship with Shantanu, Shruti said, “I hid a lot in the past. I’ve been very special. I’ve been like ‘Oh my god, I’m totally into it’ for the longest time. I’m single. Because people were like ‘You have to look like that, you have to look desirable, available’. And one day I was like, ‘For whom? For what? I also felt it was disrespectful to my partner—to hide it. It may or may not work. We don’t know but I think it’s important to respect your environment and the people in it.”

Mandira Bedi also asked Shruti Haasan what qualities she wants in her life partner. Shruti said, “I will be on the lookout for compatibility. It means many things. It’s not enough that you love the same things. It’s that you have a single idea of ​​how you want life to look, you don’t have any major conflicts when it comes to finances, religious decisions, ways of life.

When asked if Shruti’s current partner has these qualities, the actor said that she has almost 80 per cent of the qualities that she wants in her man. When asked if she is a romantic person, Shruti replied that she likes to take note of the little things about the people she loves.


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