Rhea Kapoor was struggling to find “comfortable” shoes for her wedding outfit. So, she designed a pair

Riya Kapoor shared this photo. (Image courtesy: Rikapur)


  • Rhea Kapoor shared pictures from her wedding day on Instagram
  • She wrote about designing the shoes for her wedding dress
  • “I designed a pair exactly the way I want my shoes,” she wrote

New Delhi:

Comfort comes first for Rhea Kapoor. And, we don’t need proof for it. Why are you asking? Were their living room wedding photos not enough for long-term boyfriend Karan Boolani? Oh c’mon. Now, don’t tell us that you completely forgot about it. Well, if this is the case with you too, we are happy to announce that Rhea has shared some old pictures from her big day on Instagram. This time she wants us to focus on her footwear. Your attention is needed here. This is important, especially for all the brides who happen to be there. Riya designed her wedding footwear. Isn’t that good? He has also cited the reasons behind his decision.

Rhea Kapoor has spoken about her struggle to find the right shoes in her caption. “I’ve always struggled to find shoes that are traditional, casual, and flattering for ethnic wear. So for my wedding, I designed a pair exactly like I wanted to wear my shoes. Simple, pretty , comfortable and versatile. Creating something that was perfect for Indian wear was so satisfying and liberating from our collection of pearls, it’s called “Forever”.

To give us a closer look, Rhea Kapoor has dropped a bunch of pictures focusing on her footwear. The post became an instant hit on the social media platform. One user wrote, ‘This is amazing. Another said, “I wish it was for my wedding.” One person found the shoe “fantastic”.

Take a look:

Rhea Kapoor tied the knot with Karan Boolani on August 14 this year. Here this living room wedding post is what we were talking about. The couple is looking lovely. Rhea’s caption read, “I wanted to run away and get married in my living room.”

Here comes the signature wedding post left by Rhea Kapoor for the love of her life. For the picture-perfect moment, Rhea wrote, “12 years later, I shouldn’t have felt nervous or overwhelmed because you are my best friend and best man ever. But I cried and shook and stomped all the way because I had no idea how humbling the experience would be. I will always be the girl who had to come home to Juhu at 11 pm before my parents went to sleep. Only until now, I had no idea how lucky I was to feel torn. I hope we make a family so close that we have so many of the loves of our lives. I am Karan Boolani, Anil Kapoor, Sunita Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor forever.”

We have some pictures from the wedding album here:

Rhea Kapoor’s wedding was an intimate affair, attended by relatives and close friends.


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