Ready for weekend lockdown, now dependent on court: Delhi government

Delhi Air Quality: Delhi government recommends stopping construction and industrial activities.

New Delhi:

The Delhi government, in an emergency meeting ordered by the Supreme Court today to fight the capital’s toxic air crisis, suggested a one-week lockdown and work-from-home for a week, which has led to the closure of schools. is forced.

The Delhi government also recommended that construction and industrial activities in the city be halted. Authorities at the Center and Delhi discussed fighting pollution a day after the Supreme Court raised strong questions over the crisis and called for immediate action.

Delhi minister Gopal Rai told NDTV, “We have proposed a lockdown over the weekend, we are ready for it. Our strategy will now depend on the directions of the court.” Officials also said that work from home has been suggested for government and private offices.

The emergency meeting was held at the behest of the Supreme Court, which suggested work from home for employees in and around Delhi yesterday.

“We direct the Center to convene an emergency meeting tomorrow and tell us what steps they can take,” the Supreme Court said.

“Central Government to consider WFH for one week for its employees in NCR (National Capital Region) regions,” the judges said.

The court observed that “there is no basis for an uproar about field fire” as the Center had said that stubble burning contributed only 4 per cent to air pollution.

Blaming the Delhi government, which attributes most of the pollution to farm fires in neighboring Haryana and Punjab, the court said: “Lame excuses will compel us to do a proper audit of the revenue you are earning and Spending on slogans of popularity.”

However, the Delhi government questioned the Centre’s figure of “4 per cent”, pointing out that the peak figures in October and November were not counted. “There is some confusion. In the same affidavit, the Center says 4% and then 35 to 40% stubble burning. The Center should be clear on the figures. We have seen in November 4-14, there is variation in stubble burning.”

Delhi, which has been battling a toxic haze since early November, took emergency measures over the weekend, ordering the closure of schools and halting construction work for four days.

The Delhi government, in an affidavit filed ahead of the hearing, told the Supreme Court yesterday that it was ready to take measures such as a complete lockdown to fight air pollution, though it would have limited effect until similar restrictions were implemented in neighboring areas. Wouldn’t.

Air quality in Delhi, often ranked as the world’s most polluted capital, is affected by burning of farm waste, emissions from transportation, coal-fired plants and other industries outside the city, as well as open waste burning and dust decreased because of

The air quality index in Delhi on Monday stood at 343 on a scale of 500, indicating “very poor” conditions that can cause respiratory illness if exposed to prolonged exposure.


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