Rani Mukerji on financial instability in Bollywood: ‘Being from a film family isn’t always a privilege’

He said that despite being from a prestigious family with strong connections to the world of cinema – his father Ram Mukherjee was a film director and his mother Krishna Mukherjee was a playback singer – he had absolutely no privilege.

Talking to Bollywood Bubble, Rani told that in the olden days belonging to a film family did not guarantee wealth. People would sell their homes to release their films, and producers would be “abandoned on the streets” because they had no money. “Being from a film family isn’t always a privilege,” she said. “People are also poor, they come from humble backgrounds,” she said.

Rani made her debut in the film industry in 1996 with her father’s Bengali film Biyar Phool. In the same year, she made her Hindi cinema debut with Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat, in which she was cast by renowned producer Salim Akhtar. Rani claimed that “Salim Uncle” did not cast her because she was “somebody’s daughter, somebody’s niece”. It was cast, he said, probably because he saw a “spark” in it.

“I was chosen because he thought maybe I had the spark to face the camera. And I had to give an audition. Director and DOP [director of photography] I liked the way I looked and Salim uncle was very confident. All actors who make it big in the industry are newcomers when they start out, and they start somewhere. It was the same with me. I started and I worked on myself and worked hard. I am glad that today I have fans who support me all the time.”


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