“Punjab Lok Congress”: Amarinder Singh Announces New Party, Slams Rivals

New Delhi:

Former Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has named his new party as Punjab Lok Congress. Announcing the party’s name in a Twitter post, Mr Singh said approval for the party’s registration is pending with the Election Commission of India and it will get its election symbol later.
The new party’s name was announced soon after the veteran politician resigned from the Congress, nearly a month and a half after bitter infighting in the party’s state unit forced Mr Singh to step down as chief minister.

Following his resignation as chief minister, Mr Singh’s meeting with Union Home Minister Amit Shah had fueled speculation that he might join the BJP. But Mr. Singh later announced that he would form a new party ahead of the upcoming assembly elections in Punjab.
Asked if he was ready for an alliance with the BJP, Mr Singh said last month that his party would provide “issues-based” support and if the three farmers’ protests against the new agriculture laws were resolved. If so, a seat-sharing arrangement will be explored. in their interest. “I never said that I would forge an alliance with the BJP. I only said that I, my party, will consider a seat-sharing agreement,” he said. β€œIn military parlance, this is called concentration of forces,” he said, adding, however, that he is yet to speak to the BJP on it.
In his resignation letter, which he shared on social media, Mr Singh made several allegations against the Congress and its top leaders, including party chief Sonia Gandhi.
Taking a jibe at Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, he said both the leaders had patronized their bitter rival and Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Listing his long association with the Congress and his achievements as chief minister, and invoking former prime ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, Mr. Singh wrote to Mrs. Gandhi that he was “deeply saddened by the conduct of you and your children”. Whom I still love as much as my own children”.

He also said that he is “neither tired nor tired”. Mr. Singh wrote, “I feel I have a lot to offer and contribute to my beloved Punjab. My intention is to become a soldier, not die.”


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