PUBG New State, Battlegrounds Mobile India: How To Avoid Getting Banned

Battle royale games like BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) and PUBG: New State are very popular in the world of mobile gaming today and are played by millions of players across the country. However, many hackers and fraudsters have spoiled the game for other players in large numbers.

On platforms like Twitter, there are often a large number of users complaining about hackers in games who use unfair means to win easily. Many of these tweets also have recordings as evidence of players hacking.

To avoid such conflicts, both BGMI and PUBG New State have now banned multiple accounts in the two games and are implementing a series of rules to keep the game as clean and free of fraudsters as possible.

Today, the game takes its anti-cheating measures very seriously, and non-compliance with some key points can result in a ban preventing you from enjoying the game with your friends. You need to take care in BGMI and PUBG New State to avoid the ban.

1. Avoid partnering with enemies

As strange as it sounds, partnering with enemies is as real. Single players, however, team up with other single enemies to gain an unfair advantage over other players in the game who are playing alone. Two players playing together in a match where everyone has to compete alone is an example of where the other players can immediately report to you which can lead to a ban.

In order not to get into trouble, avoid partnering with enemies in singles, doubles or even squad games to advance your ranks. This will only increase the likelihood of other reporting and you getting banned, which will ruin all progress.

2. Say no to any third-party tools

Third-party tools to improve your aim, help you see through walls, etc. are easy ways to win matches in Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG: New State. However, they are also the easiest way to earn a ban.

The new algorithm implementations by Battle Royale Games are good at detecting when someone relies on unfair means to be successful and such practices will get you a permanent ban in no time. Avoid any third-party tools with games and instead, spend your time and effort improving your skills as the pros do.

3. Buy in-game currency only from legitimate sources

In-game currency is an important aspect in games like PUBG New State and BGMI. While this may have little to no effect on gameplay, in-game currency allows players to spice up their looks, acquire new vehicle skins as well as new dance moves. However, one should avoid buying currency like UC from any third party websites or unauthorized sources.

Buy in-game currency only where it is intended to be purchased. If the game catches you collecting UC from illegal sources, you could see a permanent ban and lose all your money (and effort) anyway.

4. Stay away from inappropriate language

While screaming out the worst reactions every time you land (or don’t land), the perfect headshot can be a very natural, involuntary reaction for some gamers, the people they’re playing with or against may be a Can’t share same thoughts. Even though the use of hate speech is not cheating, it can still be an element that gets in the way of enjoying one’s game, especially young children.

Stay away from such language otherwise people may report you for the same, something that can get you banned eventually. If you still find it hard to control yourself, it might be a better idea to remain silent and coordinate with your teammates via in-game texts and emotes.

5. If you find any game bugs, don’t take advantage of them

Games that are updated frequently may also have frequent bugs. These could be harmless insects like random vehicles moving across the sky or something more serious, like a wall you can see. While the presence of such bugs is not your fault, exploiting them can be considered cheating by the game, increasing your shot at getting banned.

Avoid taking advantage of any such bug. Instead, take a screenshot or recording and take it to Twitter to report the problem. The more people who report a bug, the faster the fix is ‚Äč‚Äčlikely to be. Plus, if you get used to and get used to using the bug to your advantage, you may eventually find yourself fixing it when the bug is essentially fixed.


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