PROCUS Rush 2.0 (Full Pack) 16MP 4K HD Action Camera Waterproof with External Mic and WiFi (Black)

Price: ₹ 12,999.00 - ₹ 7,499.00
(as of Apr 24,2021 22:36:49 UTC – Details)

Product Description

A part of your adventures..

Imagine being on top of a mountain after an adventurous trek, scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of Bali, or enjoying the thrill of a ride on your weekend getaway. These are your life’s adventures, your stories and your journals. Pictures and videos from your phone will never do justice to these precious moments of your life. These adventures are the journey itself, and not the destination.

When you capture every moment of your journey, those little smiles, that walk to the airport, getting ready for that dive are all what together makes life. These deserve to be captured and relived years down the line.

Share a part of your life with the world and your future generations, and when decades later you watch these moments come to life again, your smile would make us happy. We were a little part of your awesome journey, and we lived it with you.

Your Riding Adventures start here

Record your long rides with Procus Rush. A perfect entry level Moto Vlogging action camera. With all the accessories included like external remote & mounts, you simply have to plug and play!

Never miss a moment. Even if it’s underwater!

Be it scuba diving or a swim with your kids. Capture unbelievable pictures and videos underwater. The underwater videos are a different level of fun altogether!

Capture your everyday life’s little joys

Action cameras are not just for the adventure freaks. At Procus we say think it’s an adventure everyday. We just need the right eye for it. Your child’s first day at school, the home video of wedding celebrations, festivals and so much more. In India, there is always something new to capture right around the corner.

Two Batteries, Carry Bag, 20+ Accessories. We’ve thought of everything

Our objective was to make a perfect camera for beginners. With Procus Rush we wanted to give you everything in one combo, so that you are all set and ready to move.

An extra battery is always a good thing isn’t it? The bag lets you carry everything easily and safely.
Let’s not forget about those 20+ accessories ranging from Bike mounts to underwater case.

Oh boy! the list goes on..

We’ve traveled with you, and loved every minute of it!

So many videos and vlogs of people who have traveled the world with Procus Rush.
It always makes us excited whenever we see a new video that pop’s up on the internet using our product.

It does feel that we are not just selling something, but living these adventures with people who trust us.

About the Startup

Describe your products in three words.

Everyday. Action. Camera

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Adventure activities are not as prominent in India like other countries. Other expensive cameras were too much of a barrier for a regular Joe to go out and record his or her adventures. To push this market, an easy entry had to be made for enthusiasts, and hence we came up with Procus Rush.

What makes your product special?

Procus rush is meant to be your first action camera. The idea is to provide you everything that gets you off the ground with one purchase. No need to buy expensive accessories or more batteries. We understood what the Indian user needed, and gave them exactly that.

What has been the best part of your experience?

When we see the videos made by our users, it gives us immense happiness to be a part of their adventures. It’s a feeling that is very hard to explain. We feel proud, happy and the smile we get on our faces is just something else.

EXTERNAL MIC || External 2.5mm Microphone, helps you to capture sound from all directions with crisp details.
WIRELESS WRIST REMOTE || Controlling the camera, start and stop recording, or framing shots at your convenience.
WATERPROOF || Equipped with waterproof case, durable under water to 30m making it ideal for water sports.
BUILT IN WIFI || Download the App “Procus Camera” and connect with the camera. Review the images or videos via Android or iOS devices.

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