Planning to buy a used Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza? good and bad

The Vitara Brezza is the king of the ring in the pre-owned space and there are very few cars at that location.

Maruti Suzuki burst into the subcompact SUV scene with the Vitara Brezza and immediately headed to the front of the pack with its diesel offering. Now, the company has decided to skip the diesel engine and bring the Vitara Brezza with only a petrol powertrain. Well, there was no change in the demand for the car. In fact, the Vitara Brezza is the king of the ring even in the pre-owned space and there are very few cars in that place. And if you find some, they will cost anywhere between ₹7.35 lakhs, up to ₹12 lakhs. So, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a vintage Vitara Brezza.


  1. Vitara Brezza Diesel is an affordable car and is about to buy a manual transmission variant
  2. The petrol variant also does not feel underpowered and if you get the dual tone variant then it is a great option to buy as it stands out among the crowd.

  3. A used Vitara Brezza will not bring down the price considering its strong demand in the market and it is definitely worth buying
  4. Maruti Suzuki, under its True Value pre-owned business, also offers several service-related offers on the Brezza

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  1. Vitara Brezza demands premium from the fans and due to strong demand for SUVs, you have to spend more for a used car.
  2. The SUV doesn’t have any connected car feature and loses many other features that newer cars have
  3. AMT is not the best option on Vitara Brezza as it is not as responsive as you would like.

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