Pixel 6 wired charging issue: Google issues clarification

Google recently launched its Pixel 6 series of smartphones and it was said that these devices will come with 30W fast charging support. Various users have reported that the Pixel 6 takes longer to charge as compared to other smartphones that support 30W fast charging.

Now, Google has confirmed that the Pixel 6 supports a maximum power of 21W from a wired charger while the Pixel 6 Pro can get a maximum power of 23W from a wired charger. This is significantly less than the previously advertised 30W wired fast charging speed.

The company posted a detailed report on its Pixel support forum, which gives us an insight into how charging works on the new Pixel phones. Google says that the power delivered in a full charge cycle differs from that during a single charge which has been introduced to extend the life of the battery.

“We’ve optimized the Pixel’s lithium-ion battery for higher charge rates when battery levels are low. The Pixel 6 can get up to 50 percent in about 30 minutes (with Google’s 30W USB-C power charger), and The device quickly reaches 80 percent in about an hour, depending on usage and temperature, said community manager Camille V.

Since the launch of the Pixel 6 series, various users have complained about various bugs that are causing problems on the Google Pixel 6. One of the main problems reported by users is related to fingerprint scanner, which is said to be unreliable and make device difficult. to unlock.

Various users have reported the problem on Twitter, and Google has responded to those claims with an explanation, without offering any concrete solutions.

The company has clarified that the problems are a result of the “advanced security algorithms” that the Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner uses. Google says these security measures make a user’s fingerprint “take longer to verify or require more direct contact with the sensor.”

Coming to the specifications, the Google Pixel 6 flaunts a 6.4-inch FHD+ AMOLED screen, which supports up to 90Hz dynamic refresh rate. The Pixel 6 is powered by Tensor chipset and packs a 4,614mAh battery. The device has a 50MP dual rear camera setup.

The high-end Pixel 6 Pro, on the other hand, packs a larger 6.7-inch QHD+ AMOLED screen with support for 120Hz dynamic refresh rate. The device is also powered by the new Tensor chip and backed by a massive 5,003mAh battery with wireless charging support. A 50MP triple rear camera setup is available in Pixel 6 Pro.


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