‘No one is a failure in this room; We can all win’: Kid Cudi doesn’t give up

Celebrity rapper Kid Cudi – real name ‘Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi’ – has made a mark with his unique and wildly popular music. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Cudi also has a distinct sense of style, adorning red carpets in the designs of moguls around the world, most recently her CFDA Award appearance.

In her public speeches, Cudi has always admitted that she had a hard time growing up. He struggled with identity issues and knew how it felt to be so close to defeat.

In a TEDx talk, he revisited his high school where he addressed hundreds of students, and talked about the struggles he faced while growing up. Listen to the speech here:

NS Scots The singer continued, “I want you all to know that life will throw a lot of curve balls at you, it’s scary, but if you think you want it, and if you want to work hard enough for it So you can be like this. There’s no difference between me and you. I really wanted this crap and I wanted it bad. You know? I didn’t want to fail.”

“And no one in this room is a failure. Never think so. We can all win. And that’s it.”

Kudi highlights some important things to do when life is full of struggles. He emphasized that some people get lazy midway and give up. “I believe some people get lazy. They can have that one painting they started painting and never finish it. It’s like sticking to something. One goal at a time.” “

He continued: “You know, it’s still big for me. I never put too much on my plate. First it was the music, and then the acting kinda came into play, and I, it was unexpected, but It was a blessing I was prepared for. I was like: “Man. I’ve always been a class clown, let’s do this.”

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