Netflix launches top 10 website to rank shows, movies

Netflix has announced the launch of a new website that will showcase the streaming service’s most popular titles. The platform will display a “Top 10” title on a newly created website that will track the performance of various shows on the service’s platform. Viewers will be able to check out the Netflix Top 10 website to track English and non-English movies and TV shows, as well as how well those movies are performing in different countries, a change that the streaming service has for its viewers. How to share data with

The service announced the launch of the new Netflix Top 10 website via Twitter, which it says has received a lot of feedback about its metrics over the years. The new website will feature weekly listings on a global and country level, and will provide viewers with a list of the most popular titles on the platform. Every Tuesday, the service will organize the top 10 most popular titles on the website by hour, the company said.

The company disclosed on its website that traditional measures such as box office or audience share (used on TV) were not relevant to streaming services. Pablo Perez de Rosso said, “After looking at the various options, we believe that engagement, as measured by hours watched, is a strong indicator of a title’s popularity, as well as overall member satisfaction, Which is important for retention in subscription services.” Vice President, Content Strategy, Planning and Analysis at Netflix.

The Top 10 website is currently available in both English and Spanish, and Netflix says on its website that the company will be adding more languages ​​next year. Netflix will provide the list of Top 10 Movies (English), TV (English), Film (Non-English) and TV (Non-English). Viewers will also be able to see the rankings of over 90 countries. However, the company acknowledges that measuring hours watched will benefit shows and movies that are longer, so the service will also publish “feature lists” that feature top documentary features or reality shows.

Netflix also provided additional details about the methodology behind the company’s metrics, explaining that the lists would be ranked based on hours watched per title (for movies or seasons of a particular TV show). And that hour will be measured from Monday to Sunday. Weather will be measured separately and may appear as separate entries in the list. Netflix also says that all titles will be eligible for the list, not just those produced by Netflix. De Rosso said, “Given the self-report, we have engaged EY — an independent accounting firm — to review our new metrics, and we will publish their report in 2022.”


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