NDTV Group profitable again in Q2

NDTV Group is announcing a profit of INR 12.03 Crore for the second quarter (Q2). This is the best ever second quarter in the history of the group’s television company, NDTV Ltd., which has reported a profit of Rs.10.18 crore, which is almost double compared to the same period last year.


The group’s digital company, NDTV Convergence, continues to be profitable with 11% growth in revenue in the first half of this financial year.

The group’s bank borrowings have come down by Rs 33.9 crore since the start of this financial year. For the corresponding six month period, external liabilities have been reduced by INR 26.7 crores.

NDTV Group’s profit for the first half of the current financial year is INR 28.02 crores.

This is the group’s eighth consecutive profitable quarter.

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