Mouni Roy Is Savoring This Italian Dish And It’s Making Us Ghoul

Mouni Roy, who is known for her acting skills, fitness regime and chic sartorial choices, has a side of herself that is most loved by her fans. do you know what it is? Let us tell you. Mouni is passionate about eating herself at heart. She doesn’t necessarily post a lot about food, but whenever she does, it has to be special and entertaining in every way. The actress, who is based in Dubai, shared a glimpse of her delicious meal on Instagram Stories. We can see a plate full of decadent penne pasta garnished with basil leaves. It looks delicious. And, we’re salivating. Some greens and a loaf of bread were kept on the shore. Mouni wrote in the caption of the picture, “Staples.”

Take a look:

Mouni posted a picture of a delicious pasta spread

And, Mouni Roy had to end it on a sweet note. The plate looks delicious.


She ended her meal with some delicious sweets


Mouni is enjoying a lot in Dubai

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Mouni Roy likes to indulge in sweets from time to time. Few days back Mouni was having some delicious macaroons. She was seen enjoying this French food item, a sweet meringue-based confection typically made from a variety of ingredients such as egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar and almond meal. Macaroons are often prepared in different colors (via food coloring), which makes them look more delightful than the way we saw those macaroons on a plate of mouni. In the caption she said, “The way to my heart – 1) give me food, 2) cook for me, 3) be food. She also wrote, “PS: If you don’t know my love for food then you Don’t know me at all.”

Earlier, Mouni Roy decided to have a bowl full of salad. It looked like an interesting mix of kimchi and greens with hot spices. For dessert, she had a piece of chocolate cake.


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