Motorola’s 312 Lab will focus on new smartphone form factor, AR and VR technology

Motorola is launching its Motorola 312 Labs, set up to explore new technologies and innovations, as part of the company’s research and development investments. Lenovo has announced its plan to double its investment in R&D over the next three years, and the launch of the Motorola 312 Labs supports that.

Motorola said as part of the official press statement, “Motorola 312 Labs is focused on some of the key areas, including future connected ecosystems, metaverse evolution, new and unique mobile form factors and wearables, advanced displays, and AR and VR technology.” ,

This could mean that the company is looking to develop new form factors for its smartphones. With Samsung having great success with its Galaxy Fold and Flip foldable smartphones, Motorola might be looking to bring something new to the table, as it already has the Moto Razr which had a foldable form factor.

“Motorola 312 Labs is uniquely positioned because its mission is to explore the unknown, but with a research team that has the expertise to turn a conceptual idea into reality. One of our expertise is understanding customer needs, as success What does it mean if it means nothing to people? This is a major focus area for Motorola 312 Labs as it looks to the future of mobile technology,” said Dan Derry, vice president of Motorola product, in a statement.

Motorola 312 Labs will assist the company in exploring and brainstorming new concepts through research and development to introduce new prototypes related to mobile solutions and technologies. 312 Labs will focus on some notable research areas such as exploring unique mobile form factors and wearables, advancing displays, and AR and VR technologies.

The 312 in name is inspired by the famous 312 area code in Chicago, where the company’s roots run deep. The team is headquartered in Chicago and employees will work in more than 30 laboratories with partners in Brazil, China and India.


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