Money Heist 5 finale: ‘People won’t be able to go to bed’, says Alvaro Morte, hints at a dead character’s return

How do you end something so big? Not only Money Heist fans but also actor Jaime Llorente (Denver) is asking this question. And while its global audience continues to anticipate, its team promises to exceed all expectations. In the latest clip released by Netflix and its production banner Vancouver Media, the cast of the Spanish crime drama is sharing their feelings and nervousness ahead of the finale.

Captioning the video on social media as “making the end”, the nearly 2-minute clip doesn’t reveal much about what lies ahead for the gang. It still manages to stir up the thrill and excitement. “I think this season is full of extreme tension,” said actor Alvaro Morte, who plays the lead. Professor says in the video. And we totally agree with what we’ve seen about its fifth season so far.

The video takes us behind the scenes on how some of the most intense and action-packed scenes of the season were filmed. While Darko Peric (Helsinki) calls the show something that “happens once in a lifetime”, the actor (Palermo) says he is sure the finale “is not going to disappoint fans.” He says that “what is coming is very powerful.”

The high point of the video is when toward the end, Alex Pina, the show’s producer, asks Ursula Corbero (Tokyo) How would she want to be seen again if brought back in a flashback. “There must be a lot more dancing involved. Partying.” This suggests her return in the coming episodes, even if it’s only in flashbacks. Ursula’s words are juxtaposed with the whole gang, including Professor It involves drinking, dancing and having fun in a rare scene that we haven’t seen on the show yet. Now is it from the time when the gang planned to rob their Bank of Spain under one roof, Or a sign that a lot more characters are set to die, too, remains to be seen.

Alvaro’s words at the end – “People won’t be able to go to bed after watching any of these episodes,” closes the video on a high point.

The official Instagram handle of Vancouver Media Productions also released a new poster of La Casa de Papel or Money Heist 5. Its caption read, “The end of the world’s biggest robbery.”

money heist season 5 Marks the finale of the hit show. Netflix will release its last set of five episodes on December 3.


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