Milind Soman impressed social media users by wearing sandals for 80 km by cycling in 3 hours 15 minutes

It would not be wrong to say that Milind SomanThe name has become synonymous with healthy living and clean eating. And rightly so, because the supermodel sets big goals with her commitment to fitness. Milind, who regularly shares his glimpse workout routineRecently, he has shared some such pictures, seeing which his fans have been surprised.

NS December 16 The actor not only cycled 80 kms in three hours 15 minutes to be precise, but achieved the feat by wearing running sandals.

“Eighty kilometer in three hours 15 minutes this morning with my friend @dhirenbontra. A few months back the last ride in Kashmir was 65km and before that, four years ago Ultraman! but of course, a lot of other things for a few minutes every day so that I can stay fit It is enough to do that,” he noted.

While social media users lauded his strength and called him an inspiration, many noticed that he cycled wearing sandals.

When a user asked, “Did you cycle all the way on your running slippers?”, the actor replied in the affirmative.

“Cycling in slippers? Are you really serious? And that too 80 kms in three hours? Are you serious?” Another user commented.

Another wrote, “Oh wow, really great work brother…80 kms. 15 mins in 3 hours is not an easy job…always love and proud of you.”

Earlier, Milind had revealed that he prefers sandals instead of closed running shoes. “…I find closed shoes uncomfortable, I can’t run with my natural form… For me, soft/hard surfaces don’t matter, technique matters. Run slowly,” he said when he was eight Ran 400 km barefoot in days, from Mumbai to Statue of Unity in August this year.

He also told his well-wishers that he was going to do something he had “never done before”. ,long ride Coming soon! Stay tuned to do something I’ve never done before,” he said!

We are waiting impatiently! what do you say?

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