MediaTek Dimension 7000 leaked ahead of launch: What we know so far

After MediaTek unveiled the flagship Dimensity 9000 chip earlier this week, we already have rumors going around for the company’s next chip, which is expected to be the upper-medium Dimensity 7000.

According to the leak, the MediaTek Dimensity 7000 could be more powerful than the popular Snapdragon 870, at least in some aspects like fast charging support. It could sit between the Snapdragon 870 and the flagship Snapdragon 888 with support for around 75W fast charging.

report by digital chat station, a reputed tipster on the Chinese micro-blogging platform Weibo, states that the Dimension 7000 has already entered the testing phase, indicating a launch in the near future.

The chip is also reportedly based on TSMC’s 5nm manufacturing process and like the more powerful Dimension 9000, it uses the new ARM V9 architecture.

What about the Dimension 7000’s performance?

Not much is currently known about the performance of the chip and we might still have to wait a bit longer to know the details like clock speed. However, given the name of the chipset, we expect it to fall in the upper-midrange segment, where the Dimensity 7000 could possibly replace the company’s 6nm chipsets like the Dimensity 1200.

The fact that MediaTek dropped several numbers to reach the 9000 and the rumored 7000 suggests that we may see a number of midrange chipsets in the future that could occupy the numbers in between. All these chips can be more powerful than the dimension 1200.

However, this is just speculation from our point of view for now, and we will have to wait for official information on any upcoming chipset to know for sure.


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