McLaren denies being acquired by Audi

While Audi seems curious, McLaren has come out and rubbished all these claims

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McLaren rubbishes rumors about brand acquisition by Audi

Earlier in the day, reports emerged that Audi had closed a deal to acquire the entire McLaren Group. Audi was exploring the acquisition of the McLaren Formula 1 team to facilitate entry into the pinnacle of motorsport in 2026, when the new engine formula arrived in the sport. It was open to a complete takeover of the entire McLaren Group giving it access to the McLaren supercar brand. Audi, of course, already has a controlling stake in Lamborghini and Volkswagen Group is looking to enter the world of Formula 1 with its Audi and Porsche brands. Due to the pandemic, McLaren suffered several losses and was forced to lay off 1,200 employees.

Even as its F1 team is on a revival and its financials have improved with external funding, last month the supercar maker also lost its longtime CEO Mike Flewitt, who ran the main motorcar brand while its applied sciences division. had already been sold.


Volkswagen Group seeks to enter the world of Formula 1 with its Audi and Porsche brands
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While Audi seems curious, McLaren has come out and rubbished all these claims. “McLaren Group is aware of a news media report saying it has been sold to Audi. This is completely false and McLaren is seeking to remove the story. McLaren’s technology strategy has always had relevant partners and suppliers.” However, the carmakers have not made any changes to the ownership structure of the McLaren Group.”

Audi, for its part, hasn’t completely denied the report originating from Autocar. “As part of our strategic considerations, we are continually looking at various collaboration ideas,” an Audi spokesperson said in response to the Autocar report. Porsche is looking for a partnership with Red Bull for its powertrain division, while Audi was planning to acquire a team and McLaren was at the top of its list. If it doesn’t get McLaren, it will look to Sauber or Williams who are now the last of the three independent teams remaining in the game.

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McLaren is very attractive to Audi. In addition to being the third most successful F1 team in history, it is a one-story supercar brand. Its team is now back with a great set of drivers in Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. Curiously, if the acquisition happens what will happen to the McLaren brand which counts the F1 core as its hallmark?

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