Mastodon will not support NFTs on its platform

Mastodon, the federated social networking service that allows users to create their own private network, clarified that it will not include non-fungible tokens or support for NFTs on its platform. The platform has been vocal in its stance against micro-transactions enabled by NFTs and said in response to a Twitter user on the platform that “Mastodon will never support and/or manufacture NFTs”. The move comes after Discord CEO Jason Citron faced severe backlash from the community for hinting at a possible integration of an Ethereum-based wallet.

Although often seen as an alternative to most popular social media platforms, Mastodon is sure of its anti-NFT stance, unlike the likes of Twitter and Facebook, which have hired entire teams to look at technological innovations in the crypto space. has kept.

Mastodon has, previously, cleared the air about how the term ‘decentralization’ has nothing to do with “blockchain, cryptocurrency or NFTs”. Therefore, users of the platform were excited to learn that the platform does not intend to introduce any kind of micro-transactions on the platform.

The development comes days after Discord co-founder Jason Citron faced severe backlash from crypto-skeptics when he posted a screenshot from an internal test version of the Discord app, hinting at a possible integration for an Ethereum-based wallet. . The main people behind popular chat/community app Discord have had to halt their crypto integration plans as a result of the backlash that some users have threatened to terminate their Discord Nitro subscriptions.

Mastodon was founded in 2016 by a German coder named Eugene Rochko. It is one of a wave of social media projects that have emerged over the past several years as an alternative to Twitter and Facebook, which have long created polarized discourse, harassment, inconsistent moderation, and business models of selling user data to advertisers. Complaints have been made in

What sets Mastodon apart is that it serves as a codebase that anyone can use to build their own social media network. As such, Mastodon includes thousands of independent online websites and servers called “instances”. Everyone logs in to the specific instance that they’re a part of through one of several compatible third-party apps.

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