Masaba Gupta drinks daily to stay fit (recipe inside)

If you follow Masaba Gupta on social media, you would know that the designer is a fitness enthusiast who follows a strict diet. Along with being an inspiration to many, she always inspires people to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Masaba often shares glimpses of her diet through her Instagram posts and stories, and her followers are always eager to note down the tips. Recently, the designer shared one of her diets. This time around, she posted about the delicious looking green juice and its health benefits! As she shared about it on Instagram, she posted a picture of celery juice and gave reasons to drink it every day.

In the post, he wrote, “Ajwain juice every single day, why?” Then he further explained about its health benefits. She said, “Anti-inflammatory dissolves calcium deposits, great for inflammation, fights Epstein-Barr and herpes viruses, great for skin, hydrating and calming.”

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Finally, she said, “A full glass on an empty stomach but see if it works for you.” Watch his story here:

Instagram image by Masaba Gupta

While this is only one instance where she shared her diet, Masaba keeps her followers updated with her fitness routine. Earlier the designer had posted about his detox diet. She posted a bowl full of lettuce, a variety of seeds, pomegranates and muesli, all looking healthy! Along with this, he also shared about his celery juice and a bottle of collagen. Take a look:


So, if looking at Masaba’s diet has inspired you to stay fit and follow a healthy diet, then we have exactly what you need! Like Masaba’s Ajwain Juice, we bring you a variety of green juices that you can make a part of your diet. These juices have many health benefits and are easy to make. Find recipes here.

Try these recipes and let us know which one you like best.


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