Malaika Arora’s Weekend Platter is Healthy and Delicious

Malaika Arora has come up with the best flavors of this season. The actress and model is a self-confessed foodie and we know it through her social media updates. Malaika’s delicious adventures is not just about exotic foods. fitness enthusiasts love to indulge Native Food too. And, what better way to try out the best of the season? Malaika is enjoying greens or green leafy vegetables this winter. She posted a picture of her meal today. On his plate, we see something Bread, red lentil salad, a dollop of mint sauce and a large serving of greens. Malaika wrote, “It’s greens season.”

Malaika is enjoying saag

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Winter has arrived and we can feel the dullness in the air. This is the time when green leafy vegetables enter our kitchen. local greens like Mustard, Fenugreek, Palki And Bathua make for good greens Recipes. These things of winter are liked in most of the Indian homes. here are some greens Recipe if you are planning to make saag this winter:

1. Mustard greens

Clean and cut the mustard leaves. put it in the pressure cooker Bathua, spinach and spices. Make a puree by mixing this mixture with cornflour. Temper it with fried onions and ghee.

2.Amaranth greens

amaranth Or amaranth leaves can be cooked with bay leaves, ginger and garlic. Add onion, red chili and spices to it. You can also throw in some potatoes, cheese or other vegetables.

Amaranth greens

Greens are the essential vegetable of winter

3.Kashmiri greens

This spinach recipe is heart stealing. Pressure cook the spinach with mustard oil, cardamom, Kashmiri chilli, garlic and salt.

4. Saag Badi Naria

It uses Oriya cuisine Cholai Saag, Urad Dal Badi And lots of spices. Anger greens With red chili, mustard and garlic in oil. Add grated coconut and cook on low flame.

5.Chicken Saagwala

have you thought greens Always had to be a vegetarian dish? Add more flavor to the chicken by cooking it with them greens, You will also need grated onion, puree tomato, coriander seeds and other spices for this recipe.

mustard greens

You can mix different ingredients in greens

enjoy the greens Season like Malaika Arora.


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