Krafton and Riot Games Partner to Bring ‘Arkane’ Themed Event to BGMI

In celebration of the new ‘League of Legends’ anime on Netflix – ‘Arcane’, Crafton and Riot Games have announced a partnership to bring the magic of Runeterra to Battlegrounds Mobile India. As part of the BGMI version 1.7 update, the crossover event will add new characters, items, locations and game modes from the series.

As part of the event, players will be introduced to the Mirror World, a derivative of the arcane, where you can transform into one of the main characters – Vii, Genex, Zeus, or Caitlyn. Accordingly, players will also be equipped with their own unique weapons and special abilities. If necessary, you can change your character(s) by accessing the Transform device on the island.

In-game items, namely “Hextec Crystals” will be found scattered throughout the map, and can be used to purchase special stocks from the Dynahex Supply Shop. The update will also include the show’s monsters, which drop huge amounts of crystals when they finish.

“In each game update, BGMI provides its players with new, interesting and engaging content from leading entertainment properties in movies and gaming, as well as through partnerships with musicians, celebrities and more,” the company said in a press statement. “

“This is the first partnership between BGMI and Riot Games and will also bring new game areas and gameplay modes inspired by arcane to the world of BGMI.”

Additionally, BGMI 1.7 will include a new piggyback function, where players will be able to carry their knocked down teammates or enemies on their backs. However, due to low speed and not being able to fire any weapon, this feature will make you vulnerable.

Recently, Crafton also announced a new Asia-specific game – ‘PUBG Mobile Asian Games Version’, which will have its own esports medal event at the 2022 Asian Games. Indian players playing Battleground Mobile India will also be able to qualify for the grand tournament to be held in Hangzhou China.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available to play on Android and iOS devices.


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