Kolkata man collides with fashion police in bank, Twitter angry

A person on Twitter complained that an SBI branch denied him entry for wearing shorts. (Representative)


While it can be reassuring to see some security at the bank, the fashion police may be one of the last things one expects to encounter on a branch visit.

Earlier this week, a Kolkata man complained on Twitter that a branch of the State Bank of India (SBI) denied him entry for wearing shorts – the reason being that they were asking their customers to “civilize” the branch. expected to maintain”.

In a tweet directed to the official SBI Twitter handle, which has since gone viral, the man identified as Ashish said, “Hey @TheOfficialSBI went to one of your branches today wearing shorts, was told I was back wearing full pants Needs to come. As the branch expects customers to ‘maintain civility’.”

“Is there an official policy about what a customer can and cannot wear?” Tweet added.

In the comments, Ashish also said that apparently this is not the first time such an incident has happened, and cited a similar case involving a Pune man in July 2017. He once again asked the State Bank of India to instruct him. Their dress code policy.

“Apparently I’m not the only one who has faced this. @TheOfficialSBI Can you tell me about the dress code for customers?” Ashish’s comment

Since Ashish’s tweet was posted, it has garnered over 2,600 likes and some commenters have encouraged Ashish to sue SBI. Others suggested that a Kolkata person file a complaint with an “ombudsman” – a state-appointed official who can investigate government activity in the interests of citizens.

On the other end of the spectrum, some Twitter users thought Ashish’s complaint was unfounded – one user asked the Kolkata man to close his account and find a different bank, while another simply said, “All you need is Do that dress well.”

State Bank of India also responded to the tweet informing them that there was no dress code for bank customers and promised to look into the complaint.

“We understand and respect your concern. Let us take this opportunity to clarify that there is no policy or prescribed dress code for our customers. They can dress as they please and are locally acceptable to the public. May consider norms/tradition/culture. Location like bank branch. We request you to share the branch code/name where you faced this issue. We will look into it,” SBI’s two -Part stated in the response.

Following the November 16 post, Ashish made a tweet on Saturday stating that a representative of SBI had met at his residence to resolve the issue, and that he would like to close his complaint.

“Mr. Joy Chakraborty (CM Admin of the area) is with me, he came to my house and took care of the issue. I want to close this complaint and do not want any action against the employees.” Next tweet from Kolkata man.

Some Twitter users found the post strange – a tongue-in-cheek comment asked, “Do you mean ‘they came to my house and took care of this issue’? They gave you pants or what???” To which Ashish replied, “Yes, a pair of nice full pants from Peter England”.

However, on a more serious note, Ashish responded to his most recent post on the issue by saying, “It would be great to be sensitive to customer behavior. Thank you very much for your help.”


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