King Richard review roundup: Will Smith has a ‘towering turn’ in this ‘stirring and touching’ biopic

reviews for Upcoming Biopic King Richard are here. So far, the film directed by Reynaldo Marcus Green has received overwhelmingly positive critical reception. The film stars Will Smith, Richard Williams, American tennis coach, and Venus and Serena Williams, the father of global tennis stars.

Rainaldo Marcus Green directs a screenplay written by Zach Baylin. Reviews praised the film’s direction and screenplay, but most have praised Will Smith’s performance, calling it the best work of his career.

Starring Ajnew Ellis, Sania Sidney, Demi Singleton, Tony Goldwyn and Jon Bernthal, King Richard has scored 91 percent on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes.

The critical consensus reads, “The King Richard sports biopic transcends formulas with a refreshingly nuanced story – and a stellar performance from Will Smith in the title role.”

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian said in his review, “A strong, confident picture with winning performances from Sydney and Singleton.”

Robbie Colin of The Daily Telegraph (UK) said that while the film expects you to play with “its silliness and alienation”, the story is still “as significant as the Williams sisters’ own achievements – in a style that Naturally veers towards the cliché, “no trivial feat.”

Kevin Maher of The Times called Smith’s performance a “great turning point” and “one of the great screen performances of the year, defining almost every frame of this film.”

Alex Godfrey of Empire Magazine wrote, “As provocative and heartwarming as you’d expect, this is a very touching family work. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s straight from the heart and gets you inside.” “

Derek Smith of Slant Magazine was less impressed. She wrote, “Seldom has a film used its foreknowledge of happy endings as a reason to remain so insensitive and curious about its central theme.”

King Richard is scheduled to release on November 26.


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