Jonas Brothers Family Roast Review: Priyanka Chopra Stole the Show

The much awaited Jonas Brothers Family Roast released earlier today. Featuring pop stars Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas, the one-hour Netflix special will take you on a roller-coaster ride. No, not because it’s so exciting, but because there are moments in it where you’re left in splits, and then it suddenly drops, making you turn a blind eye. In addition to their better half, Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra, the three brothers are also taking on the roost including Lily Singh, John Legend, Tom Grady, Pete Davidson, Jack Whitehall and Dr. Phil.

The special begins with a typical sibling dining room feud which ends with them throwing pancakes at each other. We also get to see how the trio wants to play Thor while playing superheroes or while Jonas is building Fight Club, which has its own bizarre rules – you can’t punch a ‘pretty’ face. Seeing that the brothers may never be on the same page, they attend the Jonas Brothers Family Roast, hosted by Kenan Thompson.

Kennan called it a “family affair” and introduced the better halves of the Jonas brothers, who seemed to have the most fun watching their husbands turn down the stage. The Saturday Night Live star names all three of New Jersey’s biggest musicians, and then adds the names of the state’s biggest stars. Taking a dig at his family, he calls his youngest brother Franklin ‘Bonus Jonas’, and reveals that his mother missed the show because she went to a Justin Bieber show.

Soon Lilly Singh takes to the stage and while she is average with her roast, the only statement that pertains to Priyanka Chopra. The YouTuber shares that she already feels like a family to them, as during Nick’s wedding, with Joe and Kevin thanking her for marrying their brother. She also takes a dig at how her life was tough among Americans, and now that she’s on the Netflix show, it’s also about three white boys. Lily’s comment that since Nick couldn’t grow a beard, he married one, caused Priyanka Chopra to hide her face as she tried to control her laughter.

Next on stage is Pete Davidson, who plays a fan ‘so drunk I don’t know why I’m here’. He also takes a dig at the brothers and how they parted, only to come back together. Later in the special, he dresses up as Franklin, who says that while his brother delivers chartbusters, he needs his ‘tall’ baby brother to reach the top of the shelves. Phil’s cameo says things the brothers need to hear rather than want – “None of you are good enough to have these wives,” he signs off.

Talking of wives, Priyanka Chopra stole the show with her stand-up act. Given their age difference, she says that Nick taught her TikTok while it showed her what a successful acting career is. She doesn’t bat an eyelid to say that she is the ‘most famous Jonas’, as her Instagram followers are far more than all of the Jonas combined. While she leaves him almost stunned by the baby’s arrival announcement, Nick is left red-faced when Priyanka says that he is the only one she will ever ‘baby sit, oops, marry’. While the loving wife revealed that she is obsessed with Nick Jonas, she hints that if Chris Hemsworth becomes single again, she would consider it.

The other two better halves – Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner – have their funny moments, but fail to make an impact. While Kevin is roasted for being a background singer, the Game of Thrones star discusses the sanctity vow the Jonas brothers took to abstain from premarital sex. She also shares that she decided to never marry an actor Sophie felt secure about after seeing Kevin at Camp Rock.

Other guests included Blake Shelton, who gave hints that there is no one better than Nick (or not). John Legend also wrote a song on the Jonas Brothers, and how they could never be The Beatles. “You can take them to the nanny, but they never won a Grammy”, he sings out loud. Popular UK comedian Jack Whitehall also impresses you with his acting as he calls himself a ‘Jonaholic’. Praising his father, he says that his testicles should win a Grammy for his contribution to the world of music. Jack will leave you ROFLing with his statement that the Jonas brothers are “like covid that can never be eradicated and someone has to learn to live with them, hoping they will never mutate”.

In the end, the three brothers clash with each other and this is the time when Joe stands out with his wit and fun. While Nick puts in a lot of effort, the effort shows in his performance, leaving you a little disappointed. Kevin, on the other hand, is lovable but lacks humor and punch. However, he leaves no opportunity to blame Nick for the band’s dissolution. And boy, is the same brought up more than once.

The Jonas Brothers Family Roast seems to be longer than its one-hour runtime. Guess it’s because of fillers that distracts you. Watch this if you grew up on The Jonas Brothers, or forward it to Priyanka’s acting. It’s all worth the money. Mike dropped!


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