It’s “Hit So Deep”: Why Ileana D’Cruz Got “Emotional” After Workout Session?

Ileana D’Cruz has shared this photo. (Image courtesy: ileana_official)


  • Ileana shared a post-workout picture of herself
  • “A tiny little bit exploded,” she wrote
  • “It was the sweetest feeling ever,” she said

New Delhi:

Something very rare happened when Ileana D’Cruz started working out again on Wednesday after a gap of a few days. She got “emotional” and “tore a teeny tiny bit.” reason? Well, she “had a moment” she’d never had after a workout before. She wrote: “At the end of the stretching and cool-down the trainer said, ‘Now put your hands at your sides and just give yourself a hug. Thank your body for doing it for you.’ And it hit so deep. It was the sweetest feeling ever. Try it and see how you feel.” Check out Ileana D’Cruz’s Instagram story here:


In a separate Instagram Story, the actress wrote about her workout gap: “And we’re back after a little interruption of the monthly maintenance crew.”


Ileana D’Cruz, who has suffered from body dysmorphic disorder, often writes about body positivity on her Instagram account. Recently, she posted a picture of herself and wrote: “Self-love kinda days. Reminds me of being kind to yourself…embracing yourself and thanking your body for being a haven and tough times and Thank you for holding on to the stressful times. Time… you’re a mean fighting machine and today just sit back and enjoy the wonderful things you and your body can accomplish.”

Ileana D’Cruz is known for her work in Telugu and Tamil films. He made his acting debut in the 2006 Telugu film. from devdasu and acted in movies like Dangerous, KD, Munna, Bhale Dongalu, Rechipo, Nenu Na Rakshasi And nanbano, to name a few.

The actress has a movie titled inappropriate and cute Stands in line with Randeep Hooda.


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