iPhone AutoCorrect Feature Gets Trolled on Reddit: View Thread

Have we started relying too much on the autocorrect option on our keypads? If the answer is yes, then our fast-paced life may be behind it. But, this addiction to autocorrect options comes with its own set of nuances and frustrations. A Reddit thread recently discussed the various ways in which autocorrect has let us down on our phones.

The discussion began with the question, “Is it just me or is autocorrect getting worse on the iPhone?” User complained, “Only recently (within the last 5 months) the autocorrect has been getting worse as time goes on. Am I confused or are other people experiencing the same thing?”

Other Reddit users answered this question with their complaints. Some said that the autocorrect feature ignores mistakes and proceeds without correcting them. One user wrote, ‘My biggest problem is changing the correctly typed words.

Another had a specific problem and detailed it, “About 90 percent of the time I try to type ‘well,’ it autocorrects to ‘we will.

This user complained that the iPhone keypad constantly corrects three-letter words “those that make no sense in the context of a sentence”. Many people have agreed with this complaint.

One user wrote that his iPhone constantly changed from “and” to “abs” and the change was always made after the person typed a sentence. This made it difficult for them to identify the sentence.

This user struggled with words like “stuck” and “eat” that turned into “stuck” and “oat” respectively.

iPhone’s faulty autocorrect has also created an embarrassing situation for many people. One user mentioned how “it keeps changing my friends’ names to my ex’s.”

It’s not just the characters that have upset people. Users have also faced difficulties in typing numbers. Here’s an example where “50” was always changed to “5-0” for no reason that the user could detect.

Some users couldn’t take all the trouble and turned off the autocorrect feature.

Autocorrect, which was designed to relieve people from noticing their typos, has somehow given them more reason to talk about misspelled words.


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