Introducing the delicious ‘Indian Kombucha’ recipe; check it out

Kombucha has been around for a long time, about 2,000 years. First created in China, the fermented drink was traditionally made from black tea, yeast, sugar, and water. Just a few simple ingredients and you can make this healthy drink at home without any help.

Fitness coach Nidhi Gupta posted the recipe for Fermented Kanji Or “Indian Kombucha” on Instagram. He wrote, ‘Once it is ready, you can store it in the fridge and you should drink a small glass of it daily. See recipe here:

material and method

* Take two big red beets in a big glass pitcher.

*Add salt, red chili powder, crushed mustard seeds and water.

*Keep it in sunlight for 5-6 days.

* Stir with a clean, dry spoon once a day.

*Once fermented, store it in the refrigerator and have a small glass of it every day.

In recent times, kombucha has found a slew of proponents who claim that probiotic drinks have antioxidant as well as gut-cleansing properties. Nidhi’s recipe includes “fiber, antioxidants, vitamins K, C, potassium and magnesium.”

The fitness coach added that the same recipe can be made with the red color of carrots available in the market, especially in the winter months. Kanji can be called the Indian version of kombucha as it has a mild alcoholic taste and is mainly made during the festival of Holi in North and Central India. Traditionally, it is made with black or red carrots, beetroot, mustard seeds and a pinch of asafoetida.

Would you like to try this desi recipe?

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