Instagram now requires you to take video selfies for identity verification

According to the screenshot shared by social media consultant Matt Navara, Instagram has now started asking for video selfies for identity verification. The move could be an attempt to reduce the number of fake profiles and spam accounts on the social media platform.

The screenshot shows that the new identity verification process will help Instagram understand whether a certain user is a real person or not. The platform will ask for a short video of you moving your head in different directions. The company is promising that these video selfies will not be stored in the backend and will be deleted in 30 days.

“We need a short video of you turning your head in different directions. This helps us confirm that you are a real person and confirms your identity,” Instagram said. As per reports, the video selfie you upload will never be shown on the platform. The screenshot also shows that the company is promising that it will not collect biometric data or use the company’s face recognition technology .

Significantly, this is not the first time that Instagram is trying this video selfie verification. The social media giant first released a similar security check feature in August last year, but it was only available for a short time as the company noticed some technical issues. Now it seems that the problem has been resolved as the feature is now available to a lot of users, according to a report. XDA Developers,

The cited source suggested that Instagram is not yet asking for video selfie verification for all existing accounts and prompting new accounts to verify their identities via a short selfie video clip.


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