Instagram introduces paid badges feature for creators: Here’s everything you need to know

Instagram is officially rolling out its new badge feature for creators. The new feature is designed to help creators earn money from their fans. Now, users can buy badges for participating in live streams on the social media platform.

This is not a new feature and the social media giant has been testing it for quite some time. This was previously visible to select users and Instagram is now expanding the badge’s availability to all eligible creators in the US. Users above the age of 18 years with more than 10,000 followers will be able to use this feature. The company first launched the badge in May 2020 and then expanded it to around 50,000 creators accordingly. Engadget,

The new badge feature is currently only available in the US. It is available in different tiers including $0.99, $1.99 and $4.99. Each level appears on the app as one, two or three hearts. Instagram has claimed that it will not cut any revenue that creators will earn, but that will only happen until 2023. Although Apple or Google may charge 30 percent for in-app purchases, according to the published help page. Instagram.

Users with a creator or business account can use this feature and will also need to accept certain Instagram policies and guidelines. These also include its collaborative monetization policies, content monetization policies, and community guidelines. Eligible users will be able to access the “Set up Badge” feature, which is visible in the “Profile” section. There’s also a “Professional Dashboard,” which will help creators take a look at their growth and reach.

But what are the benefits of buying a badge?

Instagram’s FAQ page states that if a user buys multiple badges during Instagram Live, their questions will be highlighted at the top. It should be noted that after you submit a question to a creator, you cannot edit or delete it. The creator can also pin your comments and everyone watching the live stream will be able to see your name, your badge, and your comment for as long as the creator chooses during the live.

Instagram notes that “only one comment can be pinned by a creator at a time.” The creator will also get notifications if a viewer manages to reach a particular support level for their channel. Once you have purchased a badge during Instagram Live, Instagram will send you a thank you notification with a celebrity heart icon.

“If you purchase three or more badges during Instagram Live, you will receive a thank you notification and your profile photo will flash in the comments during that live video.”

If some users buy badges in three different lives in a row, the creators will know about their loyal support. For people who will purchase multiple badges during Instagram Live, the app will display the number of badges they have purchased in a heart icon.

The platform basically displays a special heart emoji, which appears in the comments section of the live video for you. Once a user has purchased a badge, it will appear next to all of your comments during a live video. You are also shown a ‘pro’ list that the creator of the live video can watch for up to 90 days.


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