‘I was shedding tears’: Rajinikanth praises Annaatthe director Shiva

Superstar Rajinikanth is very excited about the box office results of his latest film Annaatthe. The 70-year-old superstar praised director Shiva for delivering a “memorable film”.

“Petta and Viswasam released on the same day and both became a huge hit. I contacted the producer of Viswasam and asked him to arrange a screening for me. At the end of the first half, I thought what was it about this film that became such a hit among the people. The ‘colour’ of the film changed completely towards the climax and the climax scenes were all great. And the movie clapped me for it. I congratulated Producer Thiagarajan and told him that I am interested in meeting Shiva,” Rajinikanth recalled in his message posted on his Hootee account.

“Shiva spoke very innocently and honestly and I immediately liked him. I asked if he had any story for me. And I told him that we have to give a hit like Viswasam.”

Rajinikanth was withdrawn from Shiva’s confidence. “Shiva said it was very easy to make a hit film with me. Before him, no other director had said these words to me so convincingly.”

Rajinikanth recalled that Shiva told him that he needed to focus on just two things: one to write a good story like Thalapathy, Baasha, Annamalai, Padayappa. And second, casting him in the role of a village man. The way Shiva articulated his views was enough for me to say yes.”

In about 20 days, Siva prepared a story for Rajinikanth. And the director narrated the entire script for over two hours. “By the end of the story, I was in tears. I shook hands with him and requested him to make the film as he had told me. He promised me that he would make the film better than he had narrated. And he did this. also predicted that the family audience would come to theaters in large numbers. And he delivered a hit film as promised,” Rajinikanth said.

The filmmakers have claimed that Annaatthe has managed to collect records despite poor reviews from critics. The film is said to have collected Rs 200 crore in its theatrical collections since its release.


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